May 2 - Michaela Breeze (pictured), the first woman weightlifter to represent Britain at the Olympics, has announced that she plans to retire after this year's Commonwealth Games in New Delhi because she can no longer face having to work with national performance director Tamás Fehér.

It had been expected that she would carry on until the London 2012 Olympics but has claimed that she could no longer continue under Fehér, a Hungarian, after she had her National Lottery funding withdrawn. 

That included her medical support, which Breeze claimed was the final straw.

The Welsh schoolteacher, who is 31 later this month, said: ""It hasn't been an easy decision to make, after all I've been competing at weightlifting for 19 years.

"But I can't begin to tell you of the immense relief now that I've finally made the decision.

"There's so much I could say about the current governing body for British weightlifting, but suffice to say, I'll not miss having to following their programmes at all.

"In particular, the performance coach, who imposes programmes on us.

"It came to a point where I told him [Fehér] last year, after suffering a string of injuries, that I wouldn't follow his programmes any more and would go my own way.

"Since then, my back has improved and so have my results.

"But, really, it's the entire leadership and organisation, the unnecessary pressure and unrealistic totals.

But I am looking forward to it all being put behind me after Dehli and have already hit the qualifying mark.

"I have now been officially dropped by World Class Lifting which means all funding and medical support will be stopping in the next couple of months.

"So I'll have to try and fund my own physiotherapy and everything else myself."

A PE teacher at Ivybridge College in Devon, Breeze won the 2006 Commonwealth Games 63kg title setting three Games records in the process.

Previously a taekwondo and judo player, Breeze started weightlifting at school.

Her breakthrough in the sport came when she linked up with coach Ken Price.

In 1999 she took a bronze medal in the clean and jerk at the World Junior Championships held in Savannah.

Later that year she won the European junior title in Poland.

A back injury in 2000 saw her miss international competition and training for over a year but on her return she continued to improve, and at the Commonwealth Games in Manchester in 2002 where she improved to win a gold medal in the snatch and a silver in the clean and jerk and combined total.

She won a bronze medal at the European Championships in Greece in 2003 and qualified for the Olympics in 2004 and again in Beijing four years later, where her performance was affected by a recurrence of her back injury.

But she still managed to finish seventh.

Breeze said: "I have been proud to compete both for Great Britain and Wales, but after the national championships in June and the Commonwealth Games in India, that's me done.

"I'll definitely miss not being able to compete at the London Olympics, that would have been my third after Athens and China."