Bibian Mentel-Spee finished on top yet again in the World Cup final ©Getty Images

Dutch Paralympic champion Bibian Mentel-Spee was denied an overall World Cup title despite winning the snowboard cross big gold medal race in Pyeongchang today.

It came during an IPC Snowboard World Cup final which was doubling as a Winter Paralympic test event at the Jeongseon Alpine Centre. 

Mentel-Spee beat Australia's Joany Badenhorst in the women’s SB-LL2 big final. 

But Badenhorst’s second place finish proved enough to secure the overall World Cup title.

Dutch rider Lisa Bunschoten defeated Spain’s Astrid Fina Paredes for bronze.

France’s Cecile Hernandez-Cervellon beat United States' reigning world champion Brenna Huckaby in the SB-LL1 division.

Unlike with Mentel-Spee, this proved enough for the overall World Cup title by just 200 points.

Amy Purdy beat last season's Nicole Roundy in an all-American third place clash.

Manuel Pozzerle secured second place in the SB-UL category after beating France's Maxime Montaggioni.

Canada’s Curtis Minard defeated compatriot Andrew Genge in the small final to take third place.

Evan Strong finished sixth but still secured the overall World Cup title ©Getty Images
Evan Strong finished sixth but still secured the overall World Cup title ©Getty Images

US star Mike Minor had already guaranteed first place before the weekend. 

Evan Strong finished down in sixth place in the SB-LL2 category but still managed enough points for the overall title.

Finland’s double-world champion Matti Suur-Hamari beat American Keith Gabel in the final.

Japanese newcomer Gurimu Narita concluded a strong debut season by beating Australia’s Ben Tudhope in the small final contest for bronze.

Dutch teenager Chris Vos beat Austria’s Reinhold Schett in the SB-LL1 category. 

It saw him finish second in the rankings behind Mark Mann, the American who had already secured the overall World Cup title.

American Tyler Burdick defeated Austria’s Rene Eckhart to complete the race podium.

Banked slalom events are due to be held on Monday (March 13).