World Archery have confirmed they are bidding for inclusion at the 2022 Commonwealth Games ©Birmingham 2022

World Archery have confirmed they are bidding to get the sport included on the programme for the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham.

In a statement released today the governing body revealed they have presented a proposal for archery's inclusion to the Games' Additional Sports Review Panel, which evaluates the cases of sports wishing to feature.

Various presentations from sports including shooting and women's cricket were set to be given earlier this month, with World Archery now confirming their involvement.

Archery has appeared at the Commonwealth Games before, but as an optional sport that has only happened twice, at Brisbane 1982 and Delhi 2010.

According to World Archery, they were joined for their presentation by representatives from Archery England to "present a vision that would broaden the diversity of the sport programme at the Games and provide exciting opportunities for the growth of archery across the Commonwealth".

The bid, they say, focused on archery's accessibility "as a world class spectator sport" as well as its inclusivity.

The grounds of Aston Hall - a 17th century stately home turned museum - was suggested as a possible competition venue.

The building is less than two miles from Birmingham city centre and is close to existing Games venue Villa Park, which will host the rugby sevens.

For legacy plans, it was suggested an archery club could be established at Aston Hall, while a regional representative of World Archery could be created to "drive archery's development" across the English midlands.

Archery has featured at the Commonwealth Games twice before, most recently at Delhi 2010 ©Getty Images
Archery has featured at the Commonwealth Games twice before, most recently at Delhi 2010 ©Getty Images

"Further legacy plans could see equipment from the tournament distributed to local clubs and a programme established to develop coaching overseas," World Archery added.

Archery is one of five sports campaigning for inclusion, but it is unlikely all will be successful with their bids.

As well as shooting and women's cricket, the other sports are Para-table tennis and beach volleyball.

Following the presentations by each sport, which were given to a panel including representatives from the UK Government's Department for Culture, Media and Sport, Birmingham City Council, Commonwealth Games England and Birmingham 2022, a report will be created on each.

They are due to be reviewed in the spring of next year by the Birmingham 2022 Board, at which point they will apply to the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) for an increase to the sports programme if they decide any of the sports should be added.

Cricket is probably the most quintessential of Commonwealth sports but has only appeared at the Games once, at Kuala Lumpur in 1998.

Scheduling problems in the men's game have prevented it reappearing since so the CGF could break their own directives on gender equality to add only the women's sport to the programme.

Beach volleyball made its Commonwealth Games debut on Australia's Gold Coast this year, where it was considered a great success, along with Para-table tennis.

If the CGF were to accept any recommendations made to expand the sports programme, the decision would then have to be ratified at their General Assembly at Kigali in Rwanda next September.