KBF executive director Bekzhan Bektenov has hit back at AIBA ©National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan Boxing Federation (KBF) executive director Bekzhan Bektenov has hit back at the International Boxing Association (AIBA) after the worldwide governing body recommended he be provisionally suspended for an alleged disciplinary breach.

The AIBA Compliance Commission announced earlier this week that it had proposed Bektenov be sanctioned owing to his link to a "rogue group of Kazakhstani individuals" who offered to help manage the qualification process and run the Olympic boxing tournament at Tokyo 2020 without AIBA.

The Commission recommended Bektenov be "provisionally suspended as an AIBA member due to his ongoing attempts to meet with National Federations in violation of the disciplinary code".

It came after the Commission was presented with evidence regarding his alleged attempt to "solicit National Federations to form a new organisation to manage the Olympic trials" as the IOC inquiry into AIBA continues.

In response, Bektenov has accused AIBA of going against the principles of democracy and claimed it was "legally impossible" for him to be suspended from the worldwide organisation as he is not a member and only serves as executive director of the KBF.

In a statement, he claimed he had not been received any notification, warnings or questions from AIBA regarding his possible suspension.

"I held meetings and consultations with my colleagues in other national federations but this is part of my work as director of the KBF," Bektenov said. 

"Such meetings, correspondence and exchanging of opinions on various issues occur constantly and do not contradict the charter of the organisation. 

"If AIBA intends to monitor every meeting and every phone call, then this is contrary to the principles of democracy. 

"In this case, National Federations are not required at all – one headquarters can manage the whole process."

The AIBA task force also progressed a case against Serik Konakbayev, who lost the AIBA Presidential election last year ©ASBC
The AIBA task force also progressed a case against Serik Konakbayev, who lost the AIBA Presidential election last year ©ASBC

The AIBA task force also recommended the case against Kazakhstan's Serik Konakbayev, who lost the Presidential election to Gafur Rakhimov in November, be put forward to the Disciplinary Commission.

AIBA accused Konakbayev – thought to be one of the main players in the group of Kazakhstani officials who threatened to break away from AIBA owing to its precarious status as the Olympic governing body for the sport – of destroying evidence during his tenure of President of the Asian Boxing Confederation.

According to AIBA, the ASBC "identified a major knowledge transfer issue" and claimed Konakbayev had tried to delete data, emails and technical information.

Konakbayev, who has been at loggerheads with AIBA since his election defeat, allegedly claimed data protection laws of Kazakhstan prohibited the information being transferred to the new ASBC leadership under President Anas Alotaiba.

The IOC inquiry could lead to AIBA being stripped of the right to organise the Olympic boxing tournament at Tokyo 2020, a decision which would plunge the governing body's future into serious doubt.

The Inquiry Committee is due to present its final report to the IOC Executive Board at a meeting in Lausanne on May 22.

AIBA is hopeful recent developments – including Rakhimov stepping aside as President and an offer from influential Russian Umar Kremlev to write off the organisation's debt – will count in its favour when the IOC announces its decision.

"Of course, we are very concerned about the relationship between the IOC and AIBA," Bektenov added.

"Like boxers around the world, we will do everything possible so that boxing will be presented in the Olympic family. 

"I suppose it is not worth playing games for a power struggle, we should put our efforts towards the achievement of one goal – the participation of boxing in the Games in Tokyo."