Virdhawal Khade has expressed frustration at swimming pools remaining closed in India ©Getty Images

Olympic swimmer Virdhawal Khade has expressed his frustration at pools remaining closed in India, and has declared he "might have to consider retiring" should the wait continue.

Athletes in several sports in India have been permitted to return to training, with centres slowly reopening as coronavirus restrictions ease.

Swimming pools have not yet been permitted to reopen, however.

Khade suggested the continued restrictions could impact swimmers seeking to compete at the re-arranged Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games next year, due to a lack of opportunities to train while rivals in other nations return to the water.

"Might have to consider retiring from swimming," the 28-year-old Khade tweeted.

"No news or communication of any sorts for being able to start swimming again.

"Wish swimming was treated the same as other sports in India.

"Almost three months since the swimmers in India entered the pool.

"If other competitive athletes can follow social distancing while training, competitive swimmers can do the same as well.

"I hope other Olympic swimming prospects don't consider retiring because of this."

According to the Press Trust of India, permission was sought last month by the Swimming Federation of India to allow swimmers who have achieved the B-standard qualification mark to return to training.

Khade, an Asian Games medallist and Beijing 2008 Olympian, is among the swimmers to have achieved the standard.

Sajan Prakash and Srihari Natraj are also among the six swimmers.

The Swimming Federation of India said it had made the request to the country's Sports Ministry, with its secretary general Monal Chokshi alleging there had been "absolutely zero feedback".