Event-inclusion manager positions will be filled by people with disabilities as part of a new DOSB initiative ©Getty Images

The German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) is aiming to make sport a welcoming environment for all through the creation of event-inclusion management positions for people with impairments.

Starting from January, the DOSB and the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (BMAS) will work together on the five-year project.

It aims to better develop sport as a job market for people with disabilities and also promote inclusion.

A total of 24 jobs will be created in sports organisations in two phases, starting from the second half of 2021, which will be filled by people with disabilities.

The project will be supported by nearly €3 million (£2.71 million/$3.66 million) from the BMAS and the DOSB.

"Sports events are a real engine for promoting the inclusion of people with disabilities in our society," said Hubertus Heil, Federal Minister for Labor and Social Affairs in Germany.

Hubertus Heil hopes that this initiative can
Hubertus Heil hopes that this initiative can "break down prejudices" of disabled people ©Getty Images

"With this, we implement the United Nations Disability Rights Convention in practice and help to break down prejudices.

"At the same time, the new project will also further expand sport as a job market for people with severe disabilities.

"I am convinced that it is worth giving people with disabilities a chance."

These event-inclusion managers will ensure that accessibility exists at sporting events.

There is a focus to further increase full-time employees with disabilities in sports associations in the future as well.

"We are very happy about this project, which will bring us forward in the implementation of inclusion in and through sport," said DOSB vice-president Gudrun Doll-Tepper.

"In close cooperation with people with disabilities and their organisations, sport wants to actively contribute its opportunities for people with disabilities to participate in society."

The project will look to encourage networking for people with impairments and promote self-help organisations.

It is hoped that, by promoting inclusion, it can also encourage more disabled people to lead active lifestyles and get involved in Para-sport.