The CAS has annulled an eight-year ban given to an official linked to the 2018 FIM election ©Getty Images

An eight-year ban given to a Luxembourgian official after he raised concerns over the sole candidate for International Motorcycling Federation (FIM) President in 2018 and called for the election to be postponed has been annulled by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).

Michel Turk had been sanctioned by the FIM in May 2019 after urging the worldwide governing body to defer its election, which went ahead in December 2018.

Turk called for a postponement following accusations made by a Portuguese journalist that Jorge Viegas, elected FIM President after standing unopposed in the election, was facing two criminal proceedings due to alleged fraud and corruption.

He also cited the fact that Viegas' opponent Wolfgang Srb had pulled out of the running for the top job because of ill health among his reasons why the vote should be pushed back.

The FIM Ethical Chamber claimed Turk had breached the organisation's ethics code with his anonymous email, which repeated the allegations against Viegas.

Jorge Viegas was elected FIM President in 2018 ©FIM
Jorge Viegas was elected FIM President in 2018 ©FIM

It also said Turk had damaged the reputation of the FIM and Viegas by making the claims maliciously.

Sport's highest court decided Turk had not violated the FIM's ethics rules and "therefore, the suspension of eight years was unjustified".

The CAS ruled that the FIM had "not proved in any way any damage to its or Mr Viegas’ reputation or interests".

It also found Turk's right to be heard in front of the Ethical Chamber had not been respected.

The verdict will not impact the result of the election in December 2018, with Viegas scheduled to be up for re-election later this year.