The ISU is one of several International Federations to ban Russian and Belarusian athletes outright ©Getty Images

The International Skating Union (ISU) has joined a growing list of International Federations (IFs) to ban Russian and Belarusian athletes outright from its competitions following the invasion of Ukraine.

World Rugby, the World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC), Badminton World Federation (BWF), International Ski Federation (FIS), World Pentathlon (UIPM), the International Canoe Federation (ICF) and World Triathlon have all done the same.

The ISU made the decision following an International Olympic Committee (IOC) recommendation to exclude all athletes and officials from the two aggressors.

The ISU Council is also evaluating possibilities to offer humanitarian assistance to Ukrainian ISU members, according to he global governing body.

"In order to protect the integrity of ice skating competitions and for the safety of all the participants of international ice skating competitions… no skaters belonging to the ISU members in Russia and Belarus shall be invited or allowed to participate in international ice skating competitions including ISU championships and other ISU events," read an ISU statement.

"The same applies to officials listed in the respective ISU communications and/or regulations under Russia and Belarus."

The BWF also announced today that it would be following the IOC's advice.

"BWF has strengthened its measures against the Governments of Russia and Belarus by suspending athletes and officials representing these countries from participating at any BWF-sanctioned international tournaments until further notice," an official release stated.

The German Open from March 8 to 13 will be the first competition where Russian and Belarusian shuttlers will be barred.

Despite the BWF's statement, a number of Russian athletes competing in two back-to-back Para badminton tournaments in Spain will be allowed to play as they have already arrived on location and the BWF believes it is not possible to enforce the suspension on such short notice.

They will compete as neutral athletes with no national flags or anthems.

The BWF had previously cancelled all of its tournaments in the two countries.

Russia's invasion of Ukraine, which is supported by Belarus, has sparked international outcry ©Getty Images
Russia's invasion of Ukraine, which is supported by Belarus, has sparked international outcry ©Getty Images

The FIS Council met today to discuss the Russian invasion and decided unanimously to ban all Russian and Belarusians in any of its competitions at any level throughout the current season.

It had faced pressure from the Norwegian Ski Federation, which insists it will not allow Russians or Belarusians to compete under any guise at all World Cup and World Championship events it is hosting.

World Rugby joined the condemnation of Russia and Belarus by taking action in line with the IOC's recommendations.

It has enforced "the full and immediate suspension of Russia and Belarus from all international rugby and cross-border club rugby activities until further notice" and "the full and immediate suspension of the Rugby Union of Russia from World Rugby membership until further notice."

The World Curling Federation (WCF) has introduced a new emergency ruling which allows it to remove any team or member association from any WCF event if it feels that their presence would damage the event or put the safety of other participants at risk.

With the regulation being passed, a three-day period will commence to allow any member associations to voice their objections.

If there is no opposition then the WCF has confirmed it will begin the process of removing the Russian Curling Federation's entries for the Women's World Championship which is scheduled from March 19 to 27 in Canada.

The WCF statement did not mention Belarus which has supported the Russian military offensive.

The WBSC is another IF to ban Russian and Belarusian athletes and officials from all of its events, likewise the International Orienteering Federation.

FIFA and the International Ice Hockey Federation both moved to suspend the national teams of Russia and Belarus from all competitions yesterday.

The International Swimming Federation (FINA) withdrew the FINA Order awarded to Russian President Vladimir Putin in 2014 today.

Although FINA has ruled that no athlete or team from Russia or Belarus can compete in its competitions under the countries' names or national flags, it has said that they can be accepted as neutrals.

Russia has still not been stripped of this year's World Swimming Championships (25m) in Kazan, although the World Junior Swimming Championships, also in Kazan, was cancelled on Sunday (February 27).

The UIPM has also taken a stand against Russia and Ukraine banning their athletes from its events, condemning their breach of the Olympic Truce and expressing its support to the people of Ukraine.

Belarus' national ice hockey teams have been suspended over the country's support for the invasion of Ukraine ©Getty Images
Belarus' national ice hockey teams have been suspended over the country's support for the invasion of Ukraine ©Getty Images

After removing three events from Russia, the ICF's Executive Committee has unanimously voted to suspend all athletes and officials from its competitions.

A donation account has also been set up by the Committee to raise money for Ukrainian athletes caught up in the attacks.

It has also decided to removed images of Russian and Belarusian anthems and federation images from its website and social media accounts.

The International Basketball Federation has confirmed that Russian teams and officials have been banned from all of its basketball and 3x3 basketball competitions "until further notice".

Any update on further decisions have been promised "in the next coming days" from its European bodies, and after the FIBA Central Board meeting on March 25.

Breaking is set to make its Olympic debut at Paris 2024, and the World DanceSport Federation has said it "fully supports" yesterday's IOC statement.

World Sailing's Executive Board has "unanimously agreed" to suspend Russian and Belarusian athletes and officials from its competitions "until further notice".

It has urged "Member National Authorities, Class Associations, affiliated bodies, and all event organisers to implement the measure", while athletes from both countries should compete as neutrals and without national symbols, flags or anthems "where this is not possible, due to short time frames, for organisational, or legal reasons".

World Rowing has said its Executive Committee "strongly supports the recommendations issued by the IOC" and will not allow Russian or Belarusian athletes to compete internationally "until further notice".

World Triathlon, whose President Marisol Casado is a member of the IOC, opted to ban Russian and Belarusian athletes from international competitions, with the Executive Board reviewing this stance on a monthly basis.

It has also established an email address to help triathletes in Ukraine find homes in other countries, with all contacts remaining confidential and World Triathlon helping "to put the parties in touch with each other".

The International Tennis Federation has suspended the National Federations from Belarus and Russia and banned both countries from competing in its international team events.

It had come under pressure from the Ukraine Tennis Federation to make such a move.

The International Hockey Federation has kicked the Russian team out of next month's Hockey Women’s Junior World Cup.

The International Luge Federation (FIL) is set to meet tomorrow to discuss the situation in Ukraine, with a decision to be made about "the handling of FIL officials from Russia and the reservations regarding the participation of Russian athletes in international luge competitions."