Laurent Nuñez has succeeded DIdier Lallement as Paris chief of police ©Getty Images

Laurent Nuñez has taken over from Didier Lallement as chief of Paris police after the Champions League final in May which left the latter "wounded by the failure" at Olympics 2024 venue Stade de France.

The match was marred by crowd problems before and after as Liverpool fans were crushed, sprayed with tear gas, and denied entry despite holding valid tickets.

Originally, Lallement cited the behaviour of Liverpool supporters as a key factor in the chaos but apologised last month and took sole responsibility for the incidents.

His departure is not directly linked to this, however, as he had already announced he would retire in the summer prior to his 66th birthday on August 27.

"The President of the Republic, on my proposal, appointed Laurent Nunez Prefect of Police," Gerald Darmanin, France's Minister of the Interior, wrote on Twitter.

"It is the choice of an experienced man who knows the Prefecture of Police perfectly and who has held many national responsibilities.

"The safety of Ile-de-France residents will be our priority.

"I would like to pay tribute to Didier Lallement for his actions, in difficult conditions, in a context of significant terrorist threat, at the head of the Prefecture of Police over the past three years.

"He is a credit to the Republic."

Lallement penned a letter to police officers saying he leaves his post with the Saint-Denis fiasco as the only stain on his tenure lasting three and a half years.

"I'm still wounded from the failure of the Stade de France," read the letter.

"Certainly, that evening, we saved lives but the reputation of the country was damaged.

"That the French flag has been sullied is a pain for me and a responsibility that I must assume."

The Stade de France is set to stage rugby sevens, athletics, and the Closing Ceremony at the Paris 2024 Olympics before hosting the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, athletics and road cycling finishes come the Paralympics.