Stone carvings has become a feature of the build-up to the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games ©Hangzhou 2022

Stone carvings depicting the taekwondo and wrestling events for the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games have been crafted by experts in the Zhejiang province.

Qian Gaochao and his son, Qian Youjie, have spent an excess of six months carving sculptures from chicken-blood stone for the multi-sport competition which is scheduled to be held in their local area.

The postponement of the Asian Games has given the crafters an extended period to produce their work as the event is now due to take place between September 23 and October 8 next year.

Qian Gaochao expressed that an equestrian carving is one of the works that is in the process of being made. 

"It's a great honour to be able to contribute to the Asian Games, held in my hometown, through my handicraft," he said.

Chicken-blood stone, which is a prized ornament in China and features signatory red markings, has been used for centuries to create carvings.

Taekwondo and wrestling carvings have been made out of chicken-blood stone ©Hangzhou 2022
Taekwondo and wrestling carvings have been made out of chicken-blood stone ©Hangzhou 2022

Changhau chicken-blood stone, specifically, can appear in various colours, including red, yellow, brown, white, sky blue and green, and it can made into several types of accessories, including rings, pendants, bracelets and necklaces.

It is culturally significant as different carvings represents the eras, living conditions and folk customs of that era as well as the colours personifying a certain meaning.

For example, red is said to symbolise joy, victory, luck and success.

Qian Gaochao, who teaches carving, added: "I am a craftsman, so the content and themes chosen for my cravings keep up with the times, representing the style of the era.

"I'm not only doing carving work, but also recording the development and changes of our society, and remembering the era through the medium of my carvings."