Paris 2024 could have a deficit on its budget, according to senators ©Getty Images

French Senators have stressed the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games could lead to a deficit for the French Government, despite it previously appearing that would not be the case.

Laurent Lafon from Union Centriste and Jean-Jacques Lozach of the Socialist Party, made it clear that the budget for the Games may need to be reworked, in a review prior to the Games.

"Less than two years from the Paris 2024 Games, and if our ability to organise them is not in doubt, it is no longer guaranteed that the organising country will not have to make up a deficit at the end of the Paris 2024 Games," said Lafon and Lozach, as quoted by Globe Echo.

"The main concerns focus on the Organising Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games which is struggling to make ends meet."

Jean-Jacques Lozach was one of the Senators who led the review ©Getty Images
Jean-Jacques Lozach was one of the Senators who led the review ©Getty Images

Paris 2024's budget is 97 per cent private, but according to the review by Lafon and Lozach, 50 per cent of those sponsors have yet to be finalised.

Inflation could lead the budget to increase by €150 million (£131 million/$152 million).

French Sports Minister and Olympic and Paralympic Games Minister Amelie Oudéa-Castéra added: "We will have to make decisions that are sometimes difficult, painful, courageous in terms of savings to be made on the Cojop [Paris 2024] budget," according to Globe Echo.

An updated budget presentation from Paris 2024 is scheduled for December 12.

The last multi-annual budget took place in December 2020.