Four training courses are being offered during the IBA Golden Belt Series in Marrakesh this week ©IBA

The International Boxing Association (IBA) is conducting four development courses for officials and coaches during the World Boxing Tour Golden Belt Series event in Marrakesh.

Organised as part of the IBA development programme, the courses are designed to help referees, judges, technical officials and coaches to improve their skills.

"These courses, delivered by the IBA Development Programme, will strengthen such a support structure, allowing athletes to flourish in the ring," said IBA development officer Chris Roberts.

"From technical officials, coaches and cut technicians, to judges and referees, the students who will benefit from these carefully crafted courses will become the lifeblood of boxing in the coming years."

The Referee and Judge 1-3 Star Fast Track Course will give 36 students the opportunity to referee and judge bouts in Morocco, providing what the IBA have described as a "world-class training environment."

Some 30 aspiring officials are also taking part in the International Technical Officials (ITO) course, which is also included in the programme after a successful launch at the Asian Boxing Confederation’s under 22 men’s and women’s championships in Bangkok, Thailand last month.

The coaches 1-star course is to be led by Italian Gabrielle Martelli who is the IBA Coaches Committee chairman and also head boxing coach in Malta.

A course for international technical officials was conducted alongside the Asian Women's Under-22 Championships in Bangkok last month ©IBA
A course for international technical officials was conducted alongside the Asian Women's Under-22 Championships in Bangkok last month ©IBA

It is set to last a week and will include an extended workshop in hand wrapping on the last day.

Participants will also attend sessions on the role of the coach, the sport’s code of conduct, advanced ethics and IBA competition rules.

"The broad portfolio of courses illustrates the IBA’s commitment to developing all aspects of boxing, and ultimately enhancing the sporting spectacle for participants and followers worldwide," Roberts insisted.

There will also be a specialised course for cut technicians.

This promises to include theory and practical training applications in a "more thorough" learning experience. 

On site live training and back of house training is included.

"The IBA is an athlete-first organisation that prioritises the wellbeing and interests of boxers across the globe, however, the boxers can only be given the opportunity to reach their potential if they are surrounded by the right people with the necessary knowledge and experience," Roberts said.

"We are looking forward to working with dozens of students in Morocco and providing the platform for continuous professional development, as well as the opportunity to support our National Federations."

Meanwhile the Golden Belt Series in Marrakesh is scheduled to continue until February 12.