Morocco dominated their home African Sambo Championships ©FIAS

Morocco dominated their home African Sambo Championships as they bagged 13 gold medals in Casablanca.

Yasser Bouhessoune won the men's 58 kilograms title at the Mohamed V Sport Complex and the 79kg gold was won by Boubker Essoufi.

In combat sambo, Morocco won the 64kg gold thanks to Youssef Faout and the 79kg combat crown went to Badreddine Diani.

Mustapha Mouknaj won the 88kg combat crown and the over-98kg combat victory was taken by Seif Eddine Ahani.

Women's champions from Morocco included Wiam Fasla at 59kg and Oulaya Khairi at 72kg.

Chaimaa Taibi won the women's 65kg.

In beach sambo, Bouhessoune, Khairi and Taibi added their second titles.

Bouhessoune again won at 58kg and Taibi triumphed at 72kg, while Khairi took home the over-72kg crown.

Hamza Eloudghiri won the men's beach sambo 71kg title.

Egypt ended the event with five gold medals, including Mohamed Azaz winning the men's 88kg.

Abdelrahman Asfour won the men's 98kg and Fatma Atta won the women's 59kg combat.

Azaz added a second gold in the men's 88kg beach event, with Maream Elkhateeb also winning on the sand in the women's 59kg.

Cameroon took home four titles with Seidou Njimouluh coming out on top in the men's 98kg.

The country had a good time of it in the combat classes with three further titles, including Celestin Mbida Zanga in the men's 58kg.

William Celestin won the men's 71kg and Onguene Tsimi Marie Victorine took home the women's 72kg.

Algeria celebrated a hat-trick of golds with Lyes Saker winning the men's 64kg.

Adlane Guerroumi took gold in the over-98kg and Bilal Benchilch came out on top in the men's over-88kg on the beach.

Mali was the only other nation to win a gold medal, thanks to Youssouf Diallo who prevailed in the men's 71kg.