Filippo Pelati of Italy won his first World Cup medal of any colour as he took the men's solo free title at the Artistic Swimming World Cup Super Final in Oviedo ©Getty Images

Seventeen-year-old Italian Filippo Pelati won his first World Cup medal of any colour, as he claimed a surprise win at the Artistic Swimming World Cup Super Final in Oviedo, Spain.

Pelati took gold in the men’s solo free with a score of 178.8417 points performing to the song Mental Confusion.

Gustavo Sanchez of Colombia claimed silver with a score of 172.7521, while Spain’s Dennis Gonzalez Boneu completed the podium with 145.7813.

In the women’s solo technical event reigning world champion Yukiko Inui took gold with 268.4217 points.

Inui was in dominant form with her performance of The Life of a Droplet as she took a comfortable victory.

Silver went to Iris Tio Casas of Spain with 239.9299 points, with bronze going to Audrey Lamothe of Canada with 239.5017 points.

It was the same podium for the women’s solo free with Inui again taking gold with her performance of Orochi, The Legendary Giant Snake With Eight Heads, as she claimed victory with 252.2895 points.

Silver went to Tio Casas with 219.1000 points, with Lamothe taking bronze on 191.6500 points.

In the women’s duet technical Alisa Ozhogina Ozhogin and Tio Casas claimed the title with their routine Let’s Play Baseball, scoring 255.4066 points.

French duo Anastasia Bayandina and Eve Planeix took silver with 242.4900 points, with the podium completed by Maryna and Vladyslava Aleksiiva of Ukraine with 242.0541 points.

Israel earned an emotional gold in the women’s duet free, with Shelly Bobritsky and Ariel Nassee nailing their New World routine to take the title with a score of 225.7915 points.

Ukrainian twins the Aleksiiva sisters claimed silver with 217.1771, with the bronze medals going to Bergje De Brouwer and Marloes Steenbeek of the Netherlands with 214.3355.

In the men’s solo technical category victory went to Spain’s Fernando Diaz Del Rio Soto, with the reigning Super Final champion swimming to the song Unholy as he claimed gold with 224.8233 points.

Silver went to Eduard Kim of Kazakhstan with 200.6000, while the podium was completed by Sanchez, who took his second medal of the event with a bronze after scoring 198.1767.

There was more Spanish success in the mixed duet technical, as Boneu combined with Emma Garcia, taking gold with a score of 237.6534 with their routine to a piece called Vivaldi’s Winter.

Colombian duo Jennifer Cerquera Hatiusca and Sanchez secured silver with 222.2617, with Kazakhstan’s Kim and Nargiza Bolatova taking bronze with 215.6050.

In the mixed duet free, China’s Wentao Cheng and Haoyu Shi produced what they described as “their best performance ever” winning with their performance of Romeo and Juliet, which scored them 226.3228.

Boneu and Hernandez Luna took silver for Spain with 204.3894, with Cerquera Hatiusca and Sanchez completing the podium for Colombia with 179.1333.

Ukraine took the acrobatic title with 216.6701, with silver for Canada on 197.1600 and Israel taking bronze with 191.6033.

Hosts Spain took gold in the mixed team technical discipline with 278.2350, with silver going to Ukraine on 264.6566 and France completing the podium on 243.1057.

Finally in the mixed team free category, Israel won gold with 256.1375, with silver going to Spain on 247.8666 and bronze to Canada on 217.2104.