Torino 2025 FISU Games history exhibit inaugurated at EU Parliament. FISU

Just 13 months before Turin will host the Winter Universiade for the second time from 13-23 January 2025, Torino 2025 and FISU were together at the European Parliament in Strasbourg. 

"From a Noble Past to a Brighter Future" is an exhibition that explains how and why the Torino 2025 FISU Games can be a new revitalisation point for the university sports movement to contribute to the creation of a better quality of life on our planet for young people and university students. It presents an overview of the sports, the venues that will host the Games, and the values that are at the heart of the FISU World University Games Winter, all starting from the first Universiade, founded by Primo Nebiolo, the pioneer of university sport and promoter of a new sporting culture based on the perspective of exchange, comparison, and mutual respect. 

FISU President, Leonz Eder, said in his introduction: "This exhibition at the European Parliament in Strasbourg is very important, not only for the Torino Organising Committee, but also for FISU. There are many important themes such as sustainability, education, innovation and diversity, which will be the key points of our future Games.

"Torino has been a pioneer in our history, starting in 1959, but still continues to promote the values of university sport and that's why FISU is so grateful to the City of Torino, the Piedmont Region, FederCUSI and Italy for being such important partners in the development of university sport and the culture of education through sport," he commented. 

The exhibition
The exhibition "From a Noble Past to a Brighter Future" is already a reality. FISU

The President of the Torino 2025 Organising Committee, Alessandro Ciro Sciretti, added: "Torino 2025 is intended to be a blend of the past and the future, and it will be the territory of our Piemonte during the Games. The decision to inaugurate this exhibition in a prestigious setting such as the European Parliament adds to the prestige of this world event, where the best university athletes will be able to showcase their skills." 

"The BRAINstorm Challenge will be the great novelty of our edition and we are receiving positive feedback from many directions for a challenge, alongside the canonical sports competitions, aimed at finding innovative solutions to the issues raised by the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The sustainability of Torino 2025 will be all-encompassing, because we will mark a new starting point thanks to the first Universiade without barriers, open to all," he stated. 

The link between the FISU Games and the European Parliament was established by the Member of the European Parliament Alessandro Panza, coordinator and member of the Committee for Regional Development (REGI): "This is an important opportunity to bring Piemonte back to the centre of the World University Games, which began in Turin in 1959, and to show that our region is a region of sport, but not only." 

"Piedmont has a great prestige in Europe, it is a region of inclusiveness and, thanks to sport and the values it carries, it is a great example. It is no coincidence that the Torino 2025 Games will also be open to para-athletes for the first time. From 13 to 23 January 2025, Torino and the Piedmontese mountains will be the place to be: don't miss it!," he remarked.