Talakhadze and Cambei selected by AIPS Europe and EWF as the best weightlifters for 2023. AIPS MEDIA

AIPS Europe and the European Weightlifting Federation (EWF) presented the Best Weightlifter of the Year awards during the opening ceremony of the European Weightlifting Championships in Sofia, Bulgaria. The EWF has extended the project in 2022 through a strategic partnership with AIPS Europe. 

Two-time Olympic champion Lasha Talakhadze (+109 kg) from Georgia has been named the best male weightlifter for 2023.  Bulgaria's Karlos Nassar (-89 kg) was second and Latvia's Ritvars Suharevs (-73 kg) third. Sergio Massida (Italy), Dadash Dadashbayli (Azerbaijan), Varazdat Lalayan (Armenia), David Lopez (Spain), Marin Robu (Moldova), Niko Mueller (Germany) and Romain Imadouchene (France) completed the top 10.

Mihaela Valentina Cambei from Romania (-49 kg) was been voted the best female weightlifter for 2023. Second place went to Kamila Konotop (-59 kg) of Ukraine and third to Emily Campbell (+87 kg) of Great Britain. The top 10 was completed by Marie Josephe Fegue (France), Giulia Miserendino (Italy), Nina Sterckx (Belgium), Anastasia Hotfrid (Georgia), Solfrid Koanda (Norway), Marta Rincon (Spain) and Elena Erighina (Moldova).

The awards for the winners were presented by the AIPS Europe Executive Committee member and President of the Bulgarian Association of Sports Journalists Nayden Todorov. The award ceremony was attended by the EWF President Antonio Conflitti and the EWF General Secretary Prof. Dr. Milan Mihajlovic, who thanked AIPS Europe for the great cooperation.

At the end of the ceremony it was announced that the traditional EWF Fair Play Trophy goes to AIPS Europe. Alexandru Padure, member of the EWF Executive Committee, presented the award to Nayden Todorov, member of the AIPS Europe Executive Committee.