Lagos Judo boss wants to popularise SAMBO in Nigeria. LSJA FACEBOOK

The chairman of the Lagos State Judi Association, Sheriff Hamed, believes that SAMBO will soon become the fastest growing sport in the country, reports the Guardian Nigeria.

Hamed will lead the Nigerian team to the 13th African Games in Ghana in March and to ensure a successful outing, he has decided to promote SAMBO across the country. "Our plan for Sambo is to create an experience that will bring a plethora of benefits to the sports industry in Nigeria and to the participants. From creating a case for improved facilities, improving mental and overall wellbeing, providing opportunities for recreation and youth engagement, enhancing the educational experience of students, brand engagement and more. We want to impact the entire sports value chain in the country by showcasing Sambo as a platform for sports development," said Hammed. 

"For example, there are facilities that are currently under-utilised. This is through no particular fault of anyone, but international global practice now shows us that a sports facility can be multi-purpose and adaptable. Some of the questions we asked ourselves were: Do we want to build new facilities for sambo or can we work with the existing ones and find ways to make the best use of them?," he remarked. 

"While the long-term goal is to build new facilities, we believe that by working with existing ones, we can create a win-win situation for the improvement of such facilities. This is only possible because of the dynamic nature of Sambo, which is very adaptable. Let's not forget that Sambo is a multi-dimensional martial art that combines gymnastics, wrestling, boxing, and judo/jiu-jitsu. We are positive that the development of sambo will have an impact on the development of the above-mentioned sports," concludes Hammed.