Peter Sagan, successful heart surgery. GETTY IMAGES

The Slovakian cyclist, a three-time world road race champion, has retired from professional cycling and is aiming to compete in the 2024 MTB World Championships in Paris. He underwent successful heart surgery last Friday and the procedure will help him to get a small arrhythmia under control.

Peter Sagan is recovering from heart surgery. He underwent the procedure last Friday in Ancona, Italy. The three-time world road cycling champion felt unwell after finishing a race in Chelva, near Valencia, Spain. "Peter, give me the data from the bike computer. Something is wrong." These words, reported by La Gazetta dello Sport, came from Patxi Vila, Peter Sagan's personal trainer for many years. His heart rate is usually around 190 beats per minute. After this race it was 200. 

Sagan went immediately to the hospital on Monday to undergo rigorous tests and analysis to identify any abnormalities. The Italian newspaper and website also quotes Sagan himself admitting that he feels similar to Colbrelli, an Italian cyclist who collapsed after a sprint in the 2022 Volta a Catalunya. He underwent surgery and had to rest.

Peter Sagan is one of the true stars of modern cycling. GETTY IMAGES.
Peter Sagan is one of the true stars of modern cycling. GETTY IMAGES.

Sagan travelled to Italy to be treated by Italian doctor Roberto Corsetti. Corsetti treated Sagan when he was a professional cyclist with the Italian Liquigas team. An abnormal tachycardia was quickly diagnosed. He underwent surgery to control his heart impulses. Everything went well. Sagan will be able to get back on his bike as soon as the doctors give him the green light. Italian Elia Viviani underwent the same operation in 2021. 

Sagan's tachycardia manifests itself when the cyclist reaches his maximum heart rate at maximum effort. The quick action of Patxi Vila, who knows Sagan intimately, having analysed his heart and efforts for much of his professional career, was crucial in ensuring that he didn't have to suffer any more. The Slovakian cyclist underwent a cardiac ablation procedure. This involves creating tiny scars in the heart to block abnormal and irregular electrical signals.

The procedure was successfully performed by Professor Antonio Dello Russo, Director of the Clinic of Cardiology and Arrhythmology at the University Hospital of Marche in Italy, and his team, in the presence of Dr Roberto Corsetti, the Slovakian cyclist's trusted cardiologist, as reported by Todo Mountain Bike.

"The athlete is in good health and has undergone an internal electrophysiological study. This has ruled out any significant supraventricular or ventricular arrhythmia," reads the medical report shared by Sagan on his social networks.

Sagan's focus this year is on securing a place at the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. Indeed, it is one of his big dreams after failing to make it to the last Olympics. However, he has been unlucky with breakdowns and incidents. "I will be back on the bike soon. Everything is under control. I'll be back on my specialist in a few days", he commented on social media.