Grand Prix Jean Paul Manuelle in Cameroon. FIAS

The Mfandena Gymnasium in Yaounde recently hosted the 2024 SAMBO edition of the Grand Prix Jean Paul Manuelle tournament, in conjunction with the opening of the 2024 Sambo season, reports the Cameroon Tribune.

Organised by the Cameroon SAMBO Federation (FECHA SAMBO), the competition brought together over 100 athletes from clubs across the country. Residents of Yaounde and the surrounding areas had another opportunity to see young athletes display the rich techniques of sambo. The competition was divided into male and female categories. 

This year's opening of the season was special in that it also served as a selection test for athletes for the African Sambo Championship, which will take place in Egypt in the coming days. 

The competition also served as a preparation for the 2023 African Games currently being held in Accra, Ghana. The athletes put up remarkable performances in various categories of Sambo sport and Combat Sambo disciplines. 

The Head of the Civic Sports Service at the Ministry of Sports and Physical Education, Elise Florence Kana, congratulated the athletes for their performance and said the sporting discipline should be encouraged. 

The President of the Cameroon SAMBO Federation, François Mbassi, expressed satisfaction with the performance of the athletes. He said the competition also marked the first anniversary of the creation of the Cameroon SAMBO Federation.