2024 Tbilisi Grand Slam Day 2: Shavdatuashvili adds another gold for Georgia. IJF

Olympic and World Champion Lasha Shavdatuashvili was the main hero on the second day of the 2024 Judo Grand SlamTbilisi. The Georgian legend had plenty of support from the home crowd and he didn't disappoint.

Japan's Soichi Hashimoto was Shavdatuashvili's main opponent in the men's -73 kg category, but he was defeated by Karen Galstian (AIN) with two waza-ari. It took Shavdatuashvili 33 seconds to defeat Galstian with an ippon in the final. It was the second gold medal for the Georgian team after Eteri Liparteliani won gold the day before.

In the women's -70 kg category it was a battle between the world ranking leaders Barbara Matic (Croatia) and Sanne van Dijke (Netherlands), with the Balkan throwing her opponent to the ground in the third minute to win the gold medal.

Barbara Matic (Croatia) won another Grand Slam gold medal. IJF
Barbara Matic (Croatia) won another Grand Slam gold medal. IJF

Another world number one, Catherine Beauchemin-Pinard (Canada), won the gold medal in the women's -63 kg category. 19-year-old Timur Arbuzov (Individual Neutral Athlete) made a name for himself at the 2024 Grand Slam in Paris by winning the bronze medal, and he did even better in Tbilisi, defeating all his opponents to take the gold medal in the men's -81 kg category.

Day 2 results of the 2024 Judo Grand Slam Tbilisi

Women's -63 kg:
1. Catherine Beauchemin-Pinard (Canada).
2. Angelika Szymanska (Poland).
3. Joanne Van Lieshout (Netherlands).
3. Jisu Kim (Korea).

Women's -70 kg:
1. Barbara Matic (Croatia).
2. Sanne Van Dijke (Netherlands).
3. Miriam Butkereit (Germany).
3. Elisavet Teltsidou (Greece).

Podium in the women's 63 kg category. IJF
Podium in the women's 63 kg category. IJF

Men's -73 kg:
1. Lasha Shavdatuashvili (Georgia).
2. Karen Galstian (Individual Neutral Athlete).
3. Tohar Butbul (Israel).
3. Soichi Hashimoto (Japan).

Men's -81 kg:
1. Timur Arbuzov (Individual Neutral Athlete).
2. Sharofiddin Boltaboev (Uzbekistan).
3. Sagi Muki (Israel).
3. Nugzari Tatalashvili (United Arab Emirates).