Judo Grand Slam Antalya Day 1. Japan with three golds as Abes dominate on tatami. IJF

Japan and Canada were the two countries to win gold medals on the first day of the Judo Grand Slam Antalya 2024. Another gold medal was won by an individual neutral athlete.

At -48 kg the title went to three-time reigning world champion Natsumi Tsunoda (Japan). At -52 kg it was four-time world and Olympic champion Uta Abe (Japan) who dominated all her rivals. Abe won all five of her matches with ippon within 2.30 minutes. She spent just a few seconds more than five minutes on the tatami, winning her quarter-final bout against Kelly Deguchi (Canada) and her final bout against Britain's Chelsie Giles in just 7 seconds.

Then it was the turn of her older brother Hifumi Abe, also an Olympic and 4-time world champion, to show his dominance. The Japanese also won all his bouts in the men's -66 kg category with ippon.

Hifumi Abe (Japan) and Nurali Emomali (Tajikistan) after their final bout. IJF
Hifumi Abe (Japan) and Nurali Emomali (Tajikistan) after their final bout. IJF

In the -60 kg category, Olympic bronze medallist Luka Mkheidze (France) was outclassed by Ayub Bliev (Authorised Neutral Athlete). 

In the -57 kg category, the gold medal went to Canada's Christa Deguchi, the number one in the world, who confirmed her status as the favourite for the Games in a very difficult Canadian selection problem. Her team-mate Jessica Klimkait, number two in the world, was not present in Antalya.

At the end of the day, Japan leads the medal table with three gold medals, followed by Canada. France is close behind with one silver and two bronze medals.

Results from Day 1 of the 2024 Judo Grand Slam Antalya

Women’s -48 kg
1. Natsumi Tsunoda (Japan)
2. Sila Ersin (Türkiye)
3. Abiba Abuzhakynova (Kazakhstan)
3. Narantsetseg Ganbaatar (Mongolia)

Women’s - 52 kg
1. Uta Abe (Japan)
2. Chelsie Giles (Great Britain)
3. Ayumi Leiva Sanchez (Spain)
3. Ana Viktorija Puljiz (Croatia)

Women’s -57 kg
1. Christa Deguchi (Canada)
2. Jessica Lima (Brazile)
3. Maysa Pardayeva (Turkmenistan)
3. Faiza Mokdar (France)

Podium of the men's 60 kg category. IJF
Podium of the men's 60 kg category. IJF

Men’s 60 kg
1. Ayub Bliev (Individual Neutral Athlete)
2. Luka Mkheidze (France)
3. Salih Yildiz (Türkiye)
3. Emiel Jaring (Netherlands)

Men’s -66 kg
1. Hifumi Abe (Japan)
2. Nurali Emomali (Tajikistan)
3. Obid Dzhebov (Tajikistan)
3. Walide Khyar (France)