Secretary General Eric Saintrond visited two universities in Morocco to discuss the International University Sports Federation's (FISU) Healthy Campus Programme and other future collaborations.

Upon his return from a short visit to Morocco, FISU Secretary General Eric Saintrond confirmed that the next FISU Executive Committee meeting will be held in Rabat on 26-27 September 2024. As the organisation of this event was not the only purpose of his visit, the main reason was to meet the Director of the Office National des Oeuvres Universitaires, Sociales et Culturelles (ONOUSC), Samir Fatajou. 

Based in Rabat, the ONOUSC is the central administration for 23 universities located in various cities throughout the Kingdom of Morocco. Sporting activities are organised by the Royal Moroccan Federation of University Sports (FRMSU), whose president is the Minister of Higher Education, Abdellatif Miraoui, and whose vice-president is the director of the ONOUSC, Samir Fatajou. The two bodies are therefore very closely linked.   

The ONOUSC carries out a number of very important tasks in the country, such as the creation and development of all student accommodation and catering facilities, the development and extension of health care for all students and the distribution of student grants. 

The multi-sports hall of the Université Internationale de Rabat. FISU
The multi-sports hall of the Université Internationale de Rabat. FISU

It also workd for the promotion of university sport at national level, the development of cultural activities in universities, the conduct of surveys on students' living conditions and the development of various activities to strengthen and complete the training of students in university establishments. 

Samir Fatajou and Eric Saintrond visited the Université Internationale de Rabat and the Université de Kenitra Ibn Tofail, both of which have excellent facilities. It was the perfect moment to discuss the FISU Healthy Campus Programme and to strengthen the links between FISU and the Moroccan university sport world. Discussions will no doubt continue next September in Rabat.