Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo. GETTY IMAGES

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo acknowledged on Wednesday that the possibility of France's far-right coming to power in elections later this month is causing doubts and concerns as the French capital prepares for the Olympics.

 "I receive many, many questions from French people, from Parisians, from people abroad who are worried about the situation in France," Hidalgo, a Socialist who has been in power since 2014, told reporters.

France has historically embodied the values of universal human rights, "which are very far from those successfully promoted by the far right in our country," Hidalgo added. 

The country goes to the polls on 30 June and 7 July, less than a month before the start of the Paris Games, in snap elections called by President Emmanuel Macron to the surprise of many.

Marine Le Pen's anti-immigration National Rally party is currently leading in the polls, but analysts warn that it is extremely difficult to predict how many seats it will win in the new National Assembly. 

"Yes, the far right is at the gates of power and it brings with it hatred and chaos," Hidalgo said. She sought to reassure the audience that Paris, where the far-right is at its weakest, would remain a "rampart". 

"I want to say to all our friends overseas who are asking themselves questions, who are worried about what's happening in France: 'Come, this is a place that will continue to live by the values of democracy and freedom,'" she said. 

Hidalgo echoed widespread criticism of Macron for calling the election on the eve of the Games, which begin on 26 July. "The president could have given the country a bit of space and attention by acknowledging that the Games could be a nice interlude that would give energy, confidence and hope to many of our citizens," Hidalgo said. 

"It is his decision, he has the right and he will take the responsibility," she added. 

She also announced a new date for her planned swim in the Seine, which has been cleaned up in preparation for the Games. The river is set to host the swimming leg of the triathlon and the open water swimming event, but still regularly fails pollution tests due to heavy rainfall in the capital. Hidalgo said she would take to the water the week of 15 July, after the elections.