By Duncan Mackay


November 13 - Tokyo has the money set aside to bid for the 2020 Olympics and should keep trying until it is awarded the Games again, the city's Governor Shintaro Ishihara (pictured) claimed today.


The Japanese capital lost out to Rio de Janeiro in last month's 2016 vote but Ishihara said that it should look to history for encouragement to try again.


He said:  "Tokyo lost out for the 1960 Olympics before winning the rights to host the 1964 Games.


"It is necessary to examine why our bid failed and see what we need to do to be successful.


"It's important for Tokyo to leave a legacy for future generations.


"I will address the [Tokyo] City Assembly about applying for 2020 and ask them to decide.


"We did spend money on the [2016] bid but we have the finances set aside for such big projects."


Tokyo had a contingency fund of $4 billion (£2.4 billion) for the 2016 Games and Ishihara hopes that will now carry over to a bid for 2020.


Ishihara said: "While Tokyo and Fukuoka were contesting the right to be Japan's bid city I said we should reapply if Tokyo did not win the 2016 vote.


"For now we have to submit the necessary paperwork in line with the IOC's (International Olympic Committee) deadlines."


Ishihara had announced earlier this week that he wanted Tokyo to bid again, which caught several senior officials in Japan by surprise.


He said: "It's not a question of Assembly member not having been told.


"At this stage the issue is to make sure the budget and the financial back-up is in place."


Hiroshima and Nagasaki, cities who were victims of a nulcear attack in 1945, have expressed an interest in tabling a joint-bid for the 2020 Olympics.


The Mayors of both cities met in Osaka today to ask Japan's second city for its help in examining the logistics of their proposal.


The Japanese Olympic Committee said that they would choose a candidate city from Japan next year.


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