The International e-Sports Federation (IeSF) have held a Global e-Sports Executive Summit ©Twitter/IeSF

The International e-Sports Federation (IeSF) held a Global e-Sports Executive Summit in Shanghai in a bid to share ideas and ensure that the discipline continues to develop.

A total of five panel discussions took place during the summit, which opened with a debate titled “e-sports, road to official sports”.

Among the panellists were the IeSF’s Colin Webster and Rsportz President Vlad Marinescu, the former director general of SportAccord, the umbrella organisation for Olympic and non-Olympic sports.

The next panel sessions were titled “Good causes, universal value, and social responsibility in e-sports” and “Athlete welfare”, with Charmaine Crooks, a Los Angeles 1984 silver medallist in the 4x400 metres, taking part.

Crooks, who was previously an International Olympic Committee (IOC) Athletes' Commission member and is an Executive Board member of the Canadian Olympic Committee, was joined by IeSF secretary general Alex Lim on the panel.

Patrick Nally, founder of the West Nally Group, an early pioneer in sports marketing, was another key speaker during the summit.

The Briton, who is also the International Federation of Poker (IFP) President, took part in a session entitled “clean e-sports environment” as well as “what is the future platform for e-sports and how it can change your lives?”

Patrick Nally (second left) was one of the key panelists during the Summit ©Twitter/IeSF
Patrick Nally (second left) was one of the key panelists during the Summit ©Twitter/IeSF

IeSF President Byung Hun Jun expressed his desire to turn the summit into an annual event as e-sports strives to go from strength to strength.

“IeSF plans to host the summit as an annual event for e-sports partners to discuss e-sports development and have relationships with international sports society,” he said.

“We request for all e-sports partners, fans and traditional sports officials who are interested in e-sports for your continuous interests and support.”

The IeSF have expressed their hope to use the summits to involve the participation of the international sport society to openly discuss the potential of e-sports, as well as investigating areas it can work in tandem with traditional sports.

In addition to the key speakers, several games companies, professional e-sports teams and live streaming firms were among those in attendance at the summit.