The IPC has begun preparations with the Los Angeles 2028 Paralympics Organising Committee ©Getty Images

The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) has kick-started preparations for the Los Angeles 2028 Paralympics by holding workshops with the Organising Committee and stakeholders.

Workshops were staged in LA and New York City and figures from the US Olympic Committee (USOC), broadcaster NBC and US Olympic and Paralympic Properties (USOPP) were among those to attend.

The talks were held to form a strategy to spread wider understanding of what the IPC is and how it works in the US, as well as what impact the 2028 Games can have on the country.

“The three days of meetings on the east and west coasts were a great success bringing together leaders from key stakeholders to discuss how to amplify the impact of the Paralympics between now and 2028," IPC President Andrew Parsons said.

“The Paralympic Games have grown beyond all recognition in recent years but have yet to really make inroads in the US where awareness levels remain relatively low.

"LA 2028 is an opportunity we must fully maximise and over the next nine years I am fully confident we can make a breakthrough in the US.

“The energy and enthusiasm displayed by all partners in the meetings was nothing short of electrifying and all involved fully understand the unique opportunity we have.

"Tokyo 2020 and Paris 2024 will take the Paralympics to the next level, but LA 2028 presents a platform for us to go even further by organising a Games that will transform one of the biggest countries on Earth.”

Casey Wasserman, President of LA 2028, took part in workshops with the IPC ©Getty Images
Casey Wasserman, President of LA 2028, took part in workshops with the IPC ©Getty Images

Casey Wasserman, President of LA 2028, added: “The Paralympics represent endless possibility to celebrate the human spirit.

"We are proud to host the Games in 2028 and create new opportunities the Movement has yet to see.

“LA 2028 will be a turning point for the Movement and that journey begins now.

"We are thinking about the Paralympics within everything we do – from operations to marketing to adaptive sport for young kids in our community.

"We couldn’t be more excited about the road ahead.”