Paris 2024 held a flag ceremony in Teahupo’o ©FFSurf

Paris 2024 has held a flag ceremony on the final day of a visit to Tahiti as part of the flag tour for the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Both the Olympic and Paris 2024 flags were displayed on a beach in Teahupo’o as part of a ceremony, which featured traditional performances.

Teahupo’o in Tahiti is due to host surfing competition during the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Teahupo’o is world-renowned for its conditions and surf.

Tahiti, located 15,700 kilometres from the French capital, was selected by Paris 2024 as its preferred venue for surfing competition back in 2019.

The flag ceremony was held on the fourth and final day of a visit from a Paris 2024 delegation.

The Paris 2024 and Olympic flags have been travelling across the host nation, since returning to France following the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

The tour began in September with over 20 departments in the country visited.

The visit has allowed organisers to conduct a technical review, as well as meeting local officials who will be involved with the organisation of the surfing competitions.

French Surf Federation (FFSurf) President Jacques Lajuncomme is among the officials to have visited Tahiti.

Lajuncomme signed an agreement on behalf of the National Federation with Tahitian Surf Federation vice-president Ingrid Leboucher.

Leboucher welcomed the agreement with FFSurf, which reportedly follows two years of discussions.

"FFSurf remains a very experienced, well-structured associative model to follow in order to motivate our Polynesian athletes to the top level in terms of short performance, medium and long term," Leboucher said.

"Beyond our beautiful surf spots, we need a structured framework and the FFSurf will help us in this regard.

"We have lasting confidence with the FFSurf which has brought our Polynesian athletes to the very highest level.

"I am thinking in particular of Michel Bourez who made fifth in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics with the France team, and of Hira Teriinatoofa, the Olympic coach of the FFSurf for a year.

"We are in a logic of performance with the possibility for our athletes to integrate the teams of France, it is also the object of this partnership.

“We will work on the 2024 Olympics in Teahupo'o but also on those of 2028 in the United States and 2032 in Australia.

"There is also a legacy of skills beneficial to all such as societal causes and the culture that is dear to us."

The agreement will reportedly see FFSurf support training, education and the development of disciplines related to surfing.

The organisations are set to pool resources to help surfers.